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The Bull Leaper's Return
time to smash some heads with an axe

Arc 2: Episode 2

The Bull Leaper’s Return

End of Fire Season 1622

We checked the resources: all were doing well

Situations Brewing
Unfolding Agendas:
Oghma plans to do some spying
Stayn will hand out at the 7 Mothers
Kleio and Ty are going to take on the Broo in the Rubble.

Setting: Riverside
Colour: Pyramid Faction
Clan Resource: Wealth
NPC: Scharman Ingilli.
Lore: Fishworkers
Porthor is trying to get a load of salt cheaply from the Patroma clan. He can get it for some of the Lapis Lazuli the Golden Arrows have access to. Also, Ingilli has promised the Golden Arrows access to river transport in return for cutting Lunar merchants out of the loop. Haloric has offered to buy Lapis Lazuli for a huge gold coin. The Golden Arrows have a date to meet with Ingilli and his sister, who is priestess of the Zola Fel cult.

PC: ?
Setting: Poortown
Colour: The gods/Donadar
Clan Resource: ?
NPC: ?
Donadar reached out to Stayn with a gift. The gift has not been accepted. Which god will reach out next

PC: ?
Setting: Rubble
Colour: Moon Faction-connection
Clan Resource: ?
NPC: ?
New Proclamations — Hammilkar is wanted for the assault on Jaxarte and Radak. That is not true and Kleio wants the cred.

PC: ?
Setting: The Rubble
Colour: ?
Clan Resource: ?
NPC: ?
Broo — the Broo are breeding and threatening, including cutting off access to the Spider Silk.

PC: ?
Setting: Poortown
Colour: ?
Clan Resource: Morale
NPC: ?
Lore: ?
The leadership has been taken away from Timo and Tykella. Now what?

PC: ?
Setting: Suntown
Colour: ?
Clan Resource: ?
NPC: ?
Lore: Eiskoli family
Timo has been spending a lot of his time in Suntown, drinking on Haloric’s dime.

PC: ?
Setting: 7 Mothers Temple
Colour: Moon Faction
Clan Resource: ?
NPC: Haetera the priestess, and Javan Indagos
Lore: ?

PC: ?
Setting: The Desert
Colour: ?
Clan Resource: ?
NPC: ?
Lore: Eternal Battle

Factions Offboard: Rebels, the Gods, Neutrals
Resources Offboard: Gods, War, Peace
Lore: none

Forthcoming Contests:
Extended/Climactic: the deal with Ingilli and the Fishmarket
Group: Stayn sneaking around the 7 mothers

Session 1
Fire Season 1622

Arc 2: Episode 1

Scenes from the Insurrection

Fire Season 1622 (Orlanth “dies” in Darkness season of 1621)

The new procedures do not permit a concise re-ordering of the events.

We checked the resources: all were doing well. This is a clan that has achieved high morale through omens (provided by Syf), divine grace channelled through Oghma, wealth through a combination of honest dealing (Graham’s new character) AND righteous brigandage (Ty on the case). The peace rune is in crisis because of the big mouth of — you guessed it — Stayn.

[the resource cycle served to give a sense of what has happened in the intervening year since our last session, and set up the fictional situation for our little session).

Some situations that arose from the resource roll. Riffing on colour, I had the players who made the role for that resource get involved in conflicts related to the resources that they had rolled for. Not consciously. I think Color-first led me that way.

PC: New Merchant
Setting: Riverside
Colour: Pyramid Faction
Clan Resource: Wealth
NPC: Scharman Ingilli
Situation: Merchant doing his honest trading, complaining about the corruption coming in as a result of the long occupation and the emergency measures. A follower of the Ingilli overhears the complaints of Graham’s PC and Greengill the newtling. Merchant’s truth rune empowers his calm resistance to the intimidation.

PC: Syf
Setting: The Pairing Stones
Colour: Clan History
Clan Resource: Magic
NPC: Hollowheart the Whirlvish
Syf meditating on the mysteries of a river swelling without rains. Hears whispers from the outside. And it is a pack of whirlvishes heading for her and the Pairing Stones. Given that the clan has moved its shrine to the Pairing Stones, Syf is under the full protection of the clan wyter, which happens to have a “Confuse Undead” feat attached to it (they were from the Upland Marsh). The nasties swirl off into the desert to track down a new target, Tintalker.

PC: Stayn
Setting: The Farmer’s Market
Colour: Divine Powers
Clan Resource: Peace
NPC: Hucipites, Polemarch of the Marble Phalanx
Stayn is singing satirical songs in the market. Suddenly, the crowd begins echoing his words. Donadar is giving his quondam follower a taste of what the power of song can do. A troop composed of Sundomers, Marble Phalanx, and Constables switches from intimidating the crowd to slaying them. Stayn calls on sorcery to intimidate the Polemarch, the Polemarch’s powerful stellar magic fights off the elemental but the troop retreats. A “win” with some costs. Explains why the Peace rune

PC: Ty
Setting: Garhound
Colour: Moon Faction
Clan Resource: War
NPC: Jaxarte Wideread for colour, but the permanent NPC is Radak, the Governor’s Bodyguard
Ty is busy training the Garhound fyrd in the tactics of organized warfare. This is the day supercilious censor Jaxarte shows up for a meet with the Garhound chiefs (Brygga and Darvos). Ty holds his temper, even when Radak tries some intimidation. He, however, sneaks off to warn some local tribesfolk about the presence of the censor, setting up a possible ambush.

PC: Oghma
Setting: Home Turf
Colour: Storm Faction
Clan Resource: no strong connection established
NPC: Yvane Blackspear
We know that the new Oghma is not a lone herdsman, but has chosen the role of spy for Brygga and the “Motherland” group of Orlanthi who are taking orders from the homeland. This scene revealed how he became a spy. Yvane wanted to avenge the insult the Hucipites did to the remaining Orlanthi in New Pavis. So, she summoned her god and stirred up a few youth to follow her. Oghma slipped into the gang. They ran across the rooftops until Hucipites was cornered, running a shakedown in Rivertown. Yvane was on the verge of unleashing her spear when Oghma tripped one of the gang, tipping the hand of the assassins. They retreated to the desert hideout of Tintalker and his “Vengeance” group who are dedicated to assassination and terror against Lunars and sell-outs. Looks like he has infiltrated them.

[This is a trial run of the new procedures: PCs place themselves in the setting, I respond to the colour and make moves for the various factions through named NPCs, then I will let the PCs take a turn approaching NPCs in their settings. Hopefully we get a back and forth every session, climaxing in an extended contest. But if the turns break over 2 sessions, sobeit]

Final Sacrifice
New Skins for Old Ceremonies

The marriage of Pavis and the Lunar Goddess took place on earth. It was not consummated in heaven. That means that the rulers will go on as if the ceremony had worked, whereas our heroes know that this is not so.

Moreover, at the Pairing Stones, the burned corpse of the Lunar administrator seems to have revivified the fertilizing stream of the River of Cradles. But Orlanth has been seen as too preoccupied with events in the homeland to reach out to the exiles. What god responded to the sacrifice?

Much to determine in the next arc.

Player’s Resource: War (successful)
Target Resource: Magic (very successful)
- the Sun Domers wanted the arrow magic to be used on their behalf
- Javin loosed the tribe’s arrows on a Lightson who was participating in the Lunars’ heroquest w.o. approval: that counts

1620/Sacred Time/Fate/

This scene mechanic is not entirely satisfying. It really broke down in the final session. The play was great, but that was despite my scheme not because of it.

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Intrigue GM A cabal of 6 magicians, under the leadership of Jotoran Longsword initiate a heroquest designed to break the Golden Arrows’ magical independence.
#2 Stayn Solo S and bunch of dwarves Stayn uses one of his sorcery spells at an great difference. A trivial spell that is a token of great power.
#3 GM Intrigue Dwarf and Stayn Dwarfs ask Stayn for some insight into his quaint mythology: will Orlanth be interfering in the wedding or not? The answer is … nope. Let us assume Stayn gets this note to them later.
#4 Javin Connect Javin, Ty, Zephyrus Messing around in the market square. Good roleplaying but I can’t recall what happened. Alcohol threatens to dilute Ty’s purpose. It doesn’t. Scene extends to a visit to the temple of Humakt. Ty is aware that he is being drawn into another character’s heroquest. He is given encouragement by the priest.
#5 Oghma Connect Oghma, Timo, Sif(?) At the temple shrine, Timo opens the way to the god and Oghma tries to interpret his state: his gaze is frozen towards the West and cannot turn to his lost children. Heavy bummer.
#6 Javin Solo Encounter with Lightcaptain Haloric reminds Javin of the GA’s longstanding promise to contribute a blessing to the Sun Domers. And asks where a certain Lightson has gone after being last seen heading towards the Imperial barracks.
#7 Zephyr Solo Z. and Oneida Oneida asks why Z. is spending so much time w. Ty. She also asks him to renew their year-marriage bond. This, he does.
#8 Sif Group? The big clan get down. This was a wonderful debate. I wish I could remember it all. I do remember when the celebrants of the marriage of Pavis and the Lunar God came traipsing into your ’hood and mocked your gods.
Finale: the whole team heads off to the Pairing Stones. Taking the roles of the 7 Mothers, Lunar personages representing the Tamer of Barbarians, the Solar Emperor, the Red Goddess, the Penitent Criminal, the Innocent Sacrifice, the Witch, and the shadowy She Who Waits have summoned Ty. He is fated to play the role of the grim face of death tamed by the Empire. He and his fellows hack the myth. All of the clan's magic and the bonuses Ty has been saving up come in for the big whammy. Assists from the other players keep Ty ahead of Longsword. His body is placed on the paring stones and ignited to sanctify the altar. The current of the Zola Fel begins to swell, despite the absence of any storms from Orlanth. Lita and Horseteeth, playing the roles of Orlanth and Ernalda, are free of the spell imposed by the 7 Mothers.

Close Montage: The marriage ceremony continues with much fanfare in Pavis. We know that it is a hollow sham.

+3 War (Lunar legate is dead. That’s gotta make running a city hard.
+9 Magic (Truth of mythical situation established, major innovation in setting created — sanctified altar, debt to Sun Domers repaid, effective use of clan magic to counter enemy heroquest).

Default Resistance 23/18 on next adventure.

The Masks of the Moon
Penultimate means you try twice as hard

Player’s Resource: Magic
Target Resource: Morale
- Bullford Clan (outgroup) tries to break it
- Gimgim, working through Althmandi clan and Morokanths, also targets it
[the Bullford’s obnoxiosity didn’t fit the paradigm, I have to rethink NPC actions: they are supposed to WANT the resource, not just be a tool for the GM to stress the players with wanton aggression]

1620/Sacred Time/Luck Week/Freeze Day to Godsday

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Intrigue Halarax GimGim with the Althmandi and Morokanth conspiring to break the will of the Golden Arrows
#2 Javin Solo J and Courtesan Javin gives into lustful flaw, dereliction of duty, and rumors passed on.
#3 Javin Connect ?
#4 Calliope Connect C. Something about jealousy w. Ty
#5 Althmandi Connecting Lita and Calliope Money sways breakin
#6 Sif Solo Telling Fortunes Big Eel and Shrimp are coming in to do bad things
#7 Ogh Connect Ogh and Sim Ogh is in town, seeking help for Aunt
#8 GM ? ? Was there a solo Ty scene?
#9 Ty Connect Ty & Oghma Longsword expresses his desire to keep the peace in person at the High Temple, and demands that his underling keep things under control. Did I hint at the presence of GimGim the Grim, master spy?
#10 Stayn Connect Stayn & ? Stayn getting ready to stop the Morokanth and Alth. raid
#11 GM Scheme The Morokanth did something
#12 Big Conflict The ghetto The big battle. Guys did great.
#13 Stayn Solo ?
#14 Kolar? ? ? Very happy favour (?)
#15 GM/JorJar Connect ? ?
#16 Calliope ? ? ?

Close Montage: Something about Ernaldan priestesses getting rumors from Javin, via the courtesan. And Javin in trouble for dereliction of duty.

Oghma has revealed that Tintalker is not the Argarth. Some kinda duel with Jotoran longsword is in the offing.

WORST SESSION NOTES EVAR (should not have waited 13 days to make them)

+3 Morale preserved from slights, promoted even
Magic not affected.

Default Resistance 23/18 on next adventure.

The New Temple
to what will we sacrifice

1620/Storm Season/Truth Week/Entire week

August 12

Targeted Resource: Wealth
Player’s Resource: Morale

1620/StormSeason/Truth Week/Entire Week

Javin showed up, unexpectedly. The Bullfords are moved from Enemy to Neutral status by Caliope’s intervention. A Lunar colonist is hit by a raid, and a suitable sacrifice is gathered for the sanctification of a new temple at The Pairing Stones. Angry City Peacers will lay off the Golden Arrows, but those who haven’t declared allegiance to the City Peacers or the Imperials will still be the target of gangs. What will happen to Bladezz?

|. Scene Number |. Player/GM? |_. Type |. Characters|. Details|
| #1 | GM | Scheme | Farangar H.teeth |Farangar and some Praxians look over Lunar prospector’s village and plan a smash raid to get booty for sacrifice. |
| #2 | Stayn | Color | Stayn and his essence construct/Davydd |Stayn investigates sorcery. Inside a study circle inscribed by Davydd, Stayn follows his essence-construct to the boundaries of the Sorcerous plane. |
| #3 | Calliope | Color | Calliope | Calliope starts to look for the lost Lita, learns she is being held for questioning in the Lunar barracks. |
| #4 | Calliope | Group | Calliope, Ty | Ty is working out at the Humakt temple. The two commisserate, talk of wedded future, set off for Lita. Various Humakti react badly to her presence. |
| #5 | Siph| Color | Oliver, Bladezz | Introducing street fortuneteller. Magic comes from attenuated shamanistic tradition (the worship of Kolat). Tells a fortune to help a starving orphan boy. Then, a member of the Eel Gang asks for advice for upcoming raid. Siph tells him to not hurt anyone. |
| #6 | Ty | Group | Ty, Calliope, Haloric G.brow | The two get the Lightcaptain onside to secure the release of Lita. Sun worshipper disses Humakti. |
| #7 | Siph | Meet | ? | What did she do?|
| #8 | Javin | Meeting |Javin, Jotoran, Lita | The crew negotiate for Lita’s release: she was questioned by Lunars, no torture, spoke of her prophecies but no clan secrets given up. |
[!!!] [Note: Skipped a Scheming scene where Kolli the Portly decides to let E-side gangs loose on those opposed to city peace.] |
| #9 | GM | Intrigue | Riverside gangs, aid from Caliope, Javin | The gangs (including Eels and Bladezz) strike into the ghetto. Clan fends off threats to its wealth. |
| #10 | Stayn | Meet: Clan | Stayn, PCs, Clan | The pressure to commit to one of the factions is strong. Farangar’s proposal to raid the prospector recieves some approbation. Some voices suggest simply going along with the upcoming wedding of Pavis and the Lunar Goddess.
| #11 | GM | Intrigue | Farangar joins clan meeting | A member of the hated Bullford Clan asks for the Golden Arrows to support the sanctification of a new altar to Orlanth out at the Pairing Stones. |
| #12 | Group Extended Conflict | GM & Players |Players pursuing variety of agendas |Ty joins the raid, Javin protects Calliope’s hyena, Siph meets up with the young gangster, Stayn negotiates a “lay off” pact with Kolli. |

Closing Montage:
Ran out of time.
Could’ve run my leftover scenes here.

Missing scenes
- GM/In-group/Scheme: Should have had a Kolli the Portly scene
- GM/In-group/Intrigue: Perhaps at the end, Kolli talking to another “friend” of the Golden Arrows who will be important.


  • the clan’s War resource remained unaffected, though still in crisis
  • Threats to Wealth overcome, a donation of Wealth was made.
  • Clan’s morale withstood attempts to break it.


  • Default Resistance 23/18 on next adventure.
  • We will pick up on 1620, Sacred Time, Luck Week, Freezeday. This is the first week of sacred time.
    “In the two weeks of a Year (the fourteen days just before the spring equinox), the barrier between the Mundane World and Otherworlds is weakened. Magical rituals are done during this time in each communities for this status.”
  • The following session will be “Fate Week.”
  • At the end of that, we will look at the state of the clan and plan for arc #2.
Holy Shit
why does religion have to be so damn EXPENSIVE?

Player’s Resource: Peace
Target Resource: Wealth

1620/Storm Season/Illusion Week/Entire week

Slow start-up, new character created, some scenes missed

|. Scene Number |. Player/GM? |_. Type |. Characters|. Details|
| #1 | Stayn | Color |Stayn, audience of songs|Stayn composes a song, “Holy Shit” which is designed to inculcate sober, clear-eyed perception of current troubles in Pavis|
| #2 | Javan | Color |Javan, on duty with city proles |Puts on a show of being extra vigilant |
| #3 | Ty | Color |Ty, training for ritual duel as part of devotion ceremony |Ty is really getting warmed up for the devotee ceremony |
| #4 | GM | Intrigue |Jotoran Longsword and the whole clan |At a public meeting Jotoran reads the Imperial proclamation that there will be a ritual wedding of Pavis with the Moon Goddess as a consequence of the destruction of the Air Temple, and that the imminent fall of Whitewall will mean the end of Orlanth worship. |
| #5 | Stayn| NPC |Stayn, Ginkizzie dwarves |Dwarves are unsure of what the marriage means, it is not in the schedule. Stayn convinces them to study their schedule and thus effects a delay in their participation in the remodeling of the temple. But to study Mostal’s schedule they need to complete construction of an observatory in a propitious spot: Uncle Ogul’s bar. |
| #6 | Javan | NPC |Javan, Longsword’s office, view of GimGim heading to torture chambers |Javan fully convinces Longsword that the Golden Arrows will be good on their contribution. |
| #7 | Ty | NPC |Ty, seeking Praxians fails, meets Basmoli berserkers |A search for the allies ends up with a bizarre desert encounter with lion berserkers. They do promise to help Ty meed emissaries of prominent Praxian groups.|
| #8 | GM | Scheme|Jotoran Longsword |J.L. working the enemies of the Golden Arrows |Bullfords, Lismeldings, Latish, Ingili and the Altmandi throw in big cash for wedding of Moon and Pavis|
| #9 | GM | Scheme |Tintalker |T. working friends of the Golden Arrows|The Orvost, Woodpecker, Black Spear, and the Garhounds promise blood and treasure to support the building of the rebel temple in the rubble|
| #10 | GM | Intrigue |Tintalker |Stayn, Javan, and Ty are summoned to a meeting at the hideout. Tintalker drills them about the lack of donations from the G.Arrows. Stayn again fobs him off with promises of forthcoming aid.|
| #11 | Group Extended Conflict | GM & Players |Players pursuing collective agenda: prepare for rebellion |Javan and Stayn spied on Fleeter Nim and the revision of Pavis temple, narrow victory, and Ty meets various tribal representatives and presents himself as possible ally. |


  • the clan’s War resource remained unaffected, though still in crisis
  • Clan got both interested parties to back off a while on demands for religious contribution
    [ ] no change to Wealth
  • +3 to Peace (for showing all sides that the Golden Arrows are reasonable and for reaching out to Praxians)


  • Default Resistance 22/18 on next adventure. [previous resistance was not updated, so don’t be unfair to players]
  • We will pick up on 1620, Truth Week, Freezeday. This is the last week before Sacred Time
    “In the two weeks of a Year (the fourteen days just before the spring equinox), the barrier between the Mundane World and Otherworlds is weakened. Magical rituals are done during this time in each communities for this status. "
  • next session will be “Luck Week”
  • the following session will be “Fate Week”
    at the end of that, we will look at the state of the clan and plan for arc #2
Showdown at the Temple
it all goes boom

Player’s Resource: Morale
Target Resource: War

1620/Storm Season/Movement Week/Windsday — High Holy Day

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Scheme Halarax H. is teaching a derisive song about Orlanth and praise of Matu, the storm god cult promoted by the Empire: this is based on the popular songs that were chanted by partisans of different theologies in 3rd century Christendom.
#2 Stayn Color S. and Oreena White Stayn seeks healing and message, high priestess of Chalana Arroy suggests that S. should use his songs to promote peace.
#3 Ty Connect Ty, Zephyrus & Brown n’ White The guys are in the middle of another job: using an old map to find some kind of “egg” treasure in the Puzzle Canal. They interrupt a duck in the middle of recovering it. Duck agrees to a deal: they split the 1,000 years-old Kralorean eggs. Zephyrus eats one for good luck. Duck asks if some of his clan can enter the Air temple with the Golden Arrows.
#4 Callipe Solo Scene C. & the troll caravan Calliope transforms the scorpionman parts into tasty buns and gets paid by the Trolls
#5 Lita Connecting Lita and Calliope C. sends L. to negotiate with JorJar the corrupt cop, but that falls through. She gets lost.
#6 GM Scheming Tintalker T. doing some crazy messianic routine.
#7 Zephyrus Connect Z., Stayn, Cal, Zeph Everyone is in the bakery. Various plans are bruited about concerning the upcoming High Holy Day and keeping the clan together. To keep everyone mellow, C. and S. propose distributing hazia-laden buns to the crowd.
#8 ? ? ? Was there a solo Ty scene?
#9 GM Intrigue Jotoran Longsword Longsword expresses his desire to keep the peace in person at the High Temple, and demands that his underling keep things under control. Did I hint at the presence of GimGim the Grim, master spy?
#10 Stayn Connect Stayn, Calliope, the dealer and dude with 1/2 moon mask C. took the valuable eggs and sold them to the gourmand Trolls with the caravan. S. took the money and in a weird encounter with a masked figure, obtained a significant amount of high-grade hazia.
#11 Big Conflict TYPE Falkitius the Good, Jotoran, and the whole crew Wow. The procession through the temple went well. Then Tintalker showed up and went all Sampson on the place. He zapped Falkitius the good. Zephyrus made sure the Ducks didn’t go kamikaze. Ty got the Golden Arrows out. Stayn tried to talk some sense into Tintalker. The odds were balanced, but Tintalker won the roll. The Temple fell to its foundations.

-3 to War (ongoing suspicions due to brawl with Dolphins)
+3 to War (for allegiances to the Ducks)
+3 to Peace (for showing all sides that the Golden Arrows are reasonable)

Default Resistance 22/18 on next adventure.

Clan fought the Law
and the clan won

Players’ Resource Focus: Morale
GM’s Resource Focus: War

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 Ogul Color ? x
#2 Ty Color Humakt x
#3 Stayn Color Problem with authority x
#4 Calliope Color ? x
#5 Ingili Scheming X x
#6 JorJar Scheming X x
#7 Ty Connecting X x
#8 JorJar Intrigue X x
#9 JorJar Color X x
#10 Doranda Scheming X x
#11 Doranda Intrigue X x
#? Ingili Scheming In street x
#12 Zephyrus Color X x
#13 Zephyrus Color X x


Default Resistance 21/17 on next adventure.

with friends like these ...

Player’s Resource: Morale
Target Resource: War

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Color X x Courageous, Ingili
#2 Stayn Color X x Ambitious, Temple to Air
#3 Callipoe Color X x ?, Lafe happens, you make best
#4 GM Scheming X x Ambition, Gortar< Amelio, Silver Ring
#5 Stayn Connecting X x ?, Mom – inspire
#6 GM Color X Jor Jor-Jars
#7 Ty Connect X x Courageous
#8 Jor-Jar ? X x ?, Intrigue
#9 Scharman ? X x ?, Intrigue
#10 Ty Solo X x ?, -
#11 Ty Color X x ?, Temple

Unstable War -3

# GM/Player Type Note
1 GM Scheme Halarax Matu Song
2 Stayn Color S. and Oreena White, massage & promise
3 Ty Connect Ambition/Move Brown ’n White the Duck (Eggs) Zephy, Puzzle canal
4 Calliope Connect Shrewd Home, making, ? Homboom
5 Lita Connect ? Calliope used the kind? Sent to talk to Jorjar
5 GM Scheme Tintalker the messiah talking to whom?
6 Zephyrus Connect Stayn, Cal, Zeph, and bunch of others?
7 Was there some sort of Zephyrus solo scene?
8 Jotoran Longsword
9 GM Intrigue GimGim! Trouble at the air temple
9 Stayn Connect Calliope, Stayn Drugs. Drug guy and GimGim (disguise)
10 The Final Conflict: The massive destruction of the temple it explodes


They wanted peacemaking onside: but hey just went for it. Still, you guys proved yourselves to be good peacemakers.
Peace +3
War +3 for making pals w. duck bandits

I have to make these notes right away or they make no damn sense.

Default Resistance 22/18 on next adventure.

Digging Up Death

The only wrong move during the heroquest was drinking on the job. No, no, no. Humakt no like. But the quest worked well. And the final bonus wasn’t affected. But the surge of divine power into your clan was less than it could have been. Them’s the breaks.

Scene Number Player/GM? Type Characters Details
#1 GM Intrigue JorJar the Quick and his Trollkin Jor Jar warns his Trollkin about ghouls on the streets.
#2 Stayn Connect/Team All the Golden Arrows in the Rubble STayn does not want to give up the wind spirit to the Trolls. He suggests they sneak out of the Rubble using the chink in the wall they had found earlier. The roll to accomplish this fails, as a result there is a change: Oghma tells them that Booster has been lost in the caverns while trailing trolls in the hopes of having a sneaky way into Pavis.
#3 Ty Connect Ty and the Wind Spirit Ty and the spirit (actually, a sorcerous essence with a very friendly interface programmed by Pavis) commence an exploration of the dungeon into which Booster got lost. It soon becomes apparent that Ty is being drawn into re-enacting Humakt’s discovery of death [later, it is intimated that Tintalker has been activating a real-world Heroquest and Ty has been drawn into it].
#4 Ty Solo Ty Ty meditates and recalls to himself his Granfather’s tales of Humakt’s exploits. Begins some solo exploration aided by Wind Spirit. Discovers and ancient dagger
#5 Stayn Solo STayn S. draws together his memories of ancient this-world heroquest rituals and tries to come up with advice for Ty: set your purpose, find a ritual object to imbue with power, and follow in the foosteps of the god.
#6 GM Connecting/Intrigue Tintalker and Stayn T., acting in the role of Orlanth asks Stayn — who has the rune of Illusion but is not a follower of the Trickster — to steal Death from Ty, who is busy acting out the role of Humakt.
#7 HEROQUEST xxx Ty @ Humakt, Stayn @ Eurmal, Tintalker waiting outside, a lost Sundomer @ Yelm, Booster @ Orlanth Myth details below

Stayn and crew overcome some non-canonical interruptions of the myth: Ogul is an “ancestor” who asks them to be shrewd rather than courageous, but he is ignored; they are offered liquor and imbibe, which is counter to Humakt’s will. The run into a Booster and Cedric the Sundomer in the middle of an argument. Booster seems possessed, and he is: the heroquest is compelling him to act like the defiant Orlanth who uses death to teach the haughty sun a lesson. Cedric is left dead. At this point, Chaos makes its entry as it did in the myth: monsters – in this case the undead — break in. In his Hero light, Ty leads the charge against 3 ghoul warriors, a ghoul woman and 2 ghoul twins. The quest ends with a return to Pavis via the route scouted out by Booster and Ty places the blade in the temple to Humakt on Sword Street

Leftover Scenes: (stuff I should have said at the time)

  • GM/Connect/3rd Party: Scharman Ingli would make some move to draw the Golden Arrows into some street action against his enemies and Jor Jar’s protection racket
  • GM/Solo/In-Group/Tintalker laments the failure of his heroquest — without Death in his hands the revolution will be delayed
  • GM/Solo/Out-Group/Jor-Jar in some alley fight down by the docks against some fierce ghouls
  • GM/Solo/3rd Party/Scharman Ingli totting up incoming/outcoming cash shows great discontent with the montly expenses on payments to Jor-Jar’s protection racket. He scratches out Jor Jar’s name angrily
  • GM/Solo/3rd Party

Default Resistance 19/16 on next adventure.